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Electric transport can empower sustainable mobility.

But electric cars are expensive, energy-guzzling and oversized for most urban journeys. They perpetuate traffic congestion, accidents and cities dominated by large transport infrastructure, driving up the cost of space for living.

By comparison, Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) such as electric bikes, trikes and scooters are safe, affordable, efficient, compact, healthy and COVID-preventive. They reduce traffic congestion and accidents, fill gaps in public transport networks, enhance social connection, make most urban trips faster and require minimal infrastructure.

For all these reasons, LEVs out-sell electric cars around the world.

To move beyond cars, contact us today!

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Electric Vehicles has been Australia’s leading designer, manufacturer, importer, tester and servicer of LEV fleets since 2004.

For example, we built and continue to service Australia Post’s fleet of 2,500 electric cargo bikes.

COVID-19 has driven explosive global demand for LEVs such as electric bikes, trikes, scooters, carts and trolleys. In response, we are diversifying our products, services and customers, and inviting investment and partnerships.

From e-cargo bikes for individuals and families, to large LEV fleets for business, government, universities, public transport and couriers, we’ll get you moving. See our Cargo Craft website for details of our products and services.

Our Services

Since 2004, we have led Australia in the design, manufacture, import, testing and service of light electric vehicle (LEV) fleets​

We can:

  • create smart LEV fleets for last mile logistics, offices, property developments, universities, transport hubs, industry, tourism and events
  • design and build LEVs and cargo accessories customised to your needs
  • keep you moving with Australia’s biggest aftermarket parts and service network
  • test LEV motors, controllers, batteries, frames and forks for compliance with Australian standards and regulations
OneDock charging station
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