Power-Ped Electric Bicycles

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Power Ped E-Bicycles Fleets: Changing the way people navigate our cities

Though we live in cities shaped by our love affair with the automobile, new avenues are opening to a mode of transportation that emphasizes a combination of public transport and riding bikes. Adam Vollmer and his company, Faraday Bicycles, share our vision of enhancing the daily commute. Expanding the rider’s limits; improving people’s lives; promoting a healthier lifestyle; with an electric bike that will get you to work with a smile on your face. 

“Ride to Work in What You Wear At Work”, Watch the video and challenge yourself with a test ride on an Australian Designed and Engineered Power-Ped E-Bicycle


For ten years Electric Vehicles Pty Ltd  have been developing innovative electric bicycles for the demanding Australian environment under the POWER-PED brand-name. We develop e-Bikes that last the distance. We understand what our customer really loves in an e-Bike. Comfortable, easy to ride, easy to service yet elegant and innovative.

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