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Product Delivered Worldwide

The new electric mail bike, the EMB, was built from the ground up with all the data and infield testing we had experienced. The result is arguably the toughest electric bicycle ever produced.


The EMB is certified to comply with:

  • EN15194 EU E-Bike Standard
  • AS/AZ 1927 Bicycle Standard
  • EMC – Electrical Safety Standard

Acceleration Options

Throttle actuated or pedal assisted actuation are available. Even a combination of both can be applied to the EMB. Throttles are IP65 tested and are serviceable without having to remove from the EMB.



Frame Size & Design

Our frames are built super strong. Made from hi end 4130 Chrome Moly and tig welded to perfection. Two sizes are available, medium and large, 46cm or 39cm.The 39cm making the bike ideal for shorter riders or smaller female riders. The frames are all stamped on the top tube with a unique serial number for easy asset management.

Frame colours and labels are entirely flexible. We have excellent resources for frame decal design and high quality powder coating ensuring the fleet not only performs but looks great too.



Brake Systems

The stop start nature of mail and parcel delivery places extreme stress on brakes. The braking system need to be the most durable and have the highest performance possible. The brakes need to perform well at high and low speeds. We have done extensive in field testing on brakes and have a number of options we can apply to our products. Disc brakes Front and rear. Single Lever dual caliper, Disc front, Roller rear, Foot brake and more.



Tyres & Tubes

Tyres are a very important part of the delivery vehicle. They must be able to withstand the heavy loads placed on the vehicles and offer excellent puncture protection. We use Schwalbe tyres with Kevlar lined inners and triple sidewall beads to ensure reliable in field results in all conditions. On road and Off road options available. Puncture resistant tubes also available.




Our motors are an industrial specification with oversized planetary gear sets. The nature of postal delivery with hi frequency stop/starts places heavy loads on the motors. The power output can be adjusted to suit your conditions and local regulations 200-500 watts.




Rider comfort is paramount in the operation of any equipment which is why our experience has us recommending the most durable and comfortable saddles, fitted across all our fleets. Other options are available on request.




The battery forms the heart of the power system. Depending on space and delivery round times/distances we can customize a battery capacity that best suits the demands of the delivery round. We use LiFEPO4 batteries which are safe and have long lifecycle. 12-21Ah over rack or under rack configurations.



Gear Systems

We use Shimano Nexus gear sets. These have proven to be extremely reliable and easy to service in field. We can offer a variety of configurations with this set. Rear sprocket ratios are custom selected for terrain. Roller Brake, Coaster Brake or Disc Brake available with these hub sets.


Racking – Storage Systems

Racking – Storage systems can be customized for your requirements. The rear pannier comes in either medium or large capacity removable formats. Front handlebar letter carriers can also be added.


Security and Safety Accessories

Also available Locks, Lights, Helmets, Helmet Covers and Mirrors.




EVS supply a comprehensive range of safety accessories for our fleet customers including high quality Australian Standard Approved helmets, Sun and Rain protection helmet caps, lighting accessories, Mirrors, security locks and more.


Helmet Covers

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