Fast Food Delivery

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NEW Step through e-Bikes for Food Delivery


  • Flexible and fully customised storage option for Hot and Cold food/drinks.

DeliveryBike4 DeliveryBike2 DeliveryBike1 DeliveryBike3

  • Wide range of rider choices. NO Licence required for riders. 16 and over can use the bikes for delivery. If you can ride a bike you can deliver on an ebike/trike. Low step through design and saddle height allows for riders of all shapes and sizes to use the equipment.
  • Faster delivery time. An ebike can use the bicycle lane networks, bicycles paths, parks gardens (where permissible) making access across congested traffic areas far more flexible than a car or motorcycle.
  • Eco Friendly message to your customers. Ebikes use around 15cents of electricity for a full days operation. No emissions no pollution. No Noise.
  • Powerful Branding Message. Excellent Realestate options for signage designs on storage boxes. Make your business stand out with high impact signage on the equipment.
  • Low cost of ownership. No Licence, No registration, no fuel and minimal maintenance make the eBike extremely economical to operate.
  • Proven Track record in the toughest conditions on the planet. Our Food Delivery Bike and Trikes are build on the same mechanical and electrical platform as the fleet we operate for Australia Post. We have over 1100 bikes and trikes delivering mail and parcels each and every working day right across Australia. The bikes have been operating successfully for over 4 years.
  • Parts and servicing for the fleet is our core strength. We can fully maintain a fleet in all major capital cities and regional areas through.
  • Safety. Our bikes come fully equipped with LED lights reflectors Mirrors and are built to exceed Australian Standards.