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Customised Solutions – Innovation, System, Product



The team at Electric Vehicles are very excited to work on new and sometimes seemingly impossible challenges for its customer’s delivery equipment. One size does not fit all when it comes to industrial delivery equipment. We always look to the “next level” in technology and fabrication techniques to produce products that are truly unbreakable yet highly functional and comfortable.

We believe it is critical to fully understand the nature of the delivery requirement of our customers. Mail or parcel sizing, weight, motor power, load capacity, comfort features, storage and ergonomics are all vitally important to understand the customer’s delivery needs.

Our development team consists of Electrical Engineers, Frame Building Engineers, Bicycles Component Specialists, Manufacturing, Assembly, Project Management, Logistics and Procurement Experts. We can handle the entire fleet management process.




Electric Vehicles specialises in managing your electrically assisted transports assets through their life cycle.

  • Evaluation of equipment requirements
  • Technological upgrades
  • Conversion of existing equipment
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Fleet performance reporting
  • Project management
  • Education through the change process
  • Development of technical manuals
  • Onsite training for service personal
  • Maintenance support programs
  • Parts Supply and Inventory Management

We are the people helping people to keep pace with global advances in electrically assisted vehicle technology solutions.



Electric Vehicles has a range of purpose built delivery equipment, we are also well positioned to modify our own equipment or your existing equipment to improve operational performance.

Delivery Bicycles

The EVS Electric Mail Bike (EMB) Is the toughest mail bicycle ever developed. Many optional configurations are available for this model. Battery Size, Motor Power, Tyre profiles, Customised Frame, Gears, Brakes and much more.



Electric Tricycles

Our range of Industrial Tricycles offer large load capacity and a stable easy to ride delivery vehicle, configuration options are available.


Delivery Buggies

EVS provide a variety of delivery buggies for walk along rounds. We offer a variety of tyre and braking options and we can even motorise buggies if required.


Racking and Panniers

Electric Vehicles also specialises in the development of custom load carrying components for mobile delivery equipment such as Motorcycles, Bicycles, Tricycles and Buggies. Specialising in light weight, super strong, Tig welded Chrome Moly tubing. Using alternative materials such as Chrome Moly can provide dramatic decreases the weight compared to the current mild steel products there by significantly increasing load capacity of the equipment. These product improvements could be applied existing equipment, improving load carrying capacity which results in significant cost savings to your business.