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Collaborative Partnerships – People Talking to People, Innovation,
Problem Solving, Improvement Initiatives, Technological Awareness

People Talking to People – Creative Problem Solutions

Through our Strength of Vision, our belief in People and by working collaboratively with our customers and suppliers we aim to build long lasting relationships that result in innovative product that delivers improved work place safety, a reduction environmental impact and significant reductions in operating costs. Whether we can help with one item or a complete through life fleet management system our network of committed staff and industry partners deliver high quality innovative solutions for your business.


The team at Electric Vehicles are very excited to work on new and sometimes seemingly impossible challenges for its customer’s delivery equipment. One size does not fit all when it comes to industrial delivery equipment. We always look to the “next level” in technology and fabrication techniques to produce products that are truly unbreakable, yet highly functional and comfortable.


Problem Solving

We believe it is critical to listen carefully and understand the nature of the delivery requirement of our customers. Mail or parcel sizing, weight, motor power, load capacity, comfort features, storage and ergonomics are all vitally important to understand the customer’s delivery needs. Electric Vehicles can then draw on the expertise of its development team to offer an existing product or customise a tailored solution.


Improvement initiatives

We understand that the dynamics of mail and parcel delivery are sometimes unpredictable. We conduct regular product performance reviews with our customers to continually meet the changing needs in their business. Our products are designed in such a way that all components have Plug and Play characteristics.

Using our extensive list of suppliers and available components, we will construct a detailed specification for your requirements. We will also include and number of optional features you may want to consider during the trial phase.


Technological Awareness

We regularly attend the world’s best trade shows for bicycle, e-bicycle and postal delivery equipment to ensure we have the most up to date knowledge of technology and parts innovation. We conduct regular product and component development meetings with our customers.